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SeaWorkHunter Site Rules
Members : Seafarers , Manning Agencies & Others
Account :
• Seafarer/Manning Agency members are not allowed to share their username & password with others.
• Seafarer/Manning Agency member is responsible for their account's security.
Forum/Thread Postings :
1. As a member, you are responsible and liable for what you post. Any content posted in Seaworkhunter is representative of one's respective views.
2. Each member will respect the right to personal privacy and will not post any other person's identifying information, except member/user’s own detailed profile.
3. Seafarer members/user will not use the site to convey, promote, disseminate, whether directly or indirectly, profanity, vulgarity, libelous content, defamatory content, inaccurate content, obscenity, hostile remarks, or any form of 'hate speech', bigotry, discrimination, and the like.
4. Seafarer members/user cannot use the site to violate any law, nor discuss or promote illegal activities.
5. Members are not allowed to post, nor link any copyrighted content, unless the legal copyright-owners have made it freely available to the general public, or user have been given consent to do so.
6. Members will not use the site to ask, share or distribute any content that will enable or teach unlawful or unauthorized access to maritime software, licensing, or needed documents.
7. Members will not use the forums to trade items or services, nor to post advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes or solicitations of any kind.
8. Posting in ALL CAPS, All Bold letters, All Italicized and/or All words underlined in threads and/Job Posting are not allowed. Use the UBB codes accordingly.
9. Text speak/jejemon slang is not allowed in postings in threads. Please help us make our website professional.
10. Rules and Guidelines on Posting Images in the Forums
o Maximum size of image/s posted should not exceed 640 pixels in height and width; two images per post only.
o Maximum size limit of User sig (signature) should not exceed 640 (w) X 120 (h) pixels; one sig per post only.
o Posting of image/s with advertisements (such as political ads, company ads, and links thereto) is prohibited.
Any post that violates any of the mentioned rules may be deleted by the administrator/moderators without notice.
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